Sunday, 10 May 2015

Activity report:

* The president of Society visited Qatar in April 2015. He also visited Qatar Philatelic club in Doha and met Director General of club Mr. Jaber.  The Director General of the club was given formal introduction of Society for promotion of Philately and some Stamp Albums and Pakistani coins were presented to him for display at the club  gallery , and further stamps to be given as gifts to young collectors. 

* 15 Albums were sent to Grammar School in Sadder , Karachi. December 2014

* June/July/August/September 2014.
During the period that when School Children were busy in their final terms and exams , we prepared additional  75 Free Albums with 70~75 stamps mounted.
Also we arranged a couple of hundred of Stamp Magazines and journals published locally and available with president of the Society through international postal  mail agencies.
The  Stamp Albums were distributed among young when they resumed their classes.  105 Albums were given away to students of various schools.
Like wise Stamps magazines and periodicals were distributed among School's libraries. It was pleasant to know that almost all librarians welcome the addition of Philatelic material/publications at their desks , but also demanded updated and current periodicals.

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