Wednesday, 24 April 2019

Pakistan Postage Stamps--2019

15 February, 2019

       150th Death Anniversary of Mirza Asadullah Khan Ghalib                                            (Urdu Eminent Poet) 
                                                 Commemorative Postage Stamp

09 July, 2019
Pakistan's First Remote Sensing Satellites Commemorative Postage Stamp 

14 August, 2019
70th Anniversary Of The Commonwealth Organization (1949-2019) Commemorative Postage Stamp

Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Free Stamps & Albums available

We have prepared a limited number of stamp Albums and Stamp packets for young / new collectors who are desirous of taking Philately as their hobby. The Albums and packets shall be disbursed on " First come - First served" basis. So hurry up and make you booking by email:
For outside Pakistan delivery , please send one IRC ( International reply coupon) or Mint stamps worth $ 1.5 in an envelope addressed to :
Ahmed Zubair,
President Society for Philately
B-130, Block-D,
North Nazimabad,
Karachi- 74700

PS: Write your address too !

Saturday, 13 October 2018

Thanks for your donation

  The Society pays its gratitude to Mr. Jalal Minhas of London (UK)  for his valued donation of 200 stamps. The stamps will find their place in the next lot of free Albums for the beginners.

Sunday, 26 August 2018

More free Stamps and Albums available for young collectors.
Please contact Society through email:

Ahmed Zubair Siddiki
Society for promotion of Philately
- 130/D , North Nazimabad, Karachi-74700 , Pakistan
Ph: +923332180818 , +922134830727  -------------- email:

Saturday, 12 May 2018

Pakistan Post Stamps--2018

09 February, 2018

Green Pakistan Programme Commemorative Postage Stamps (3)

05 March, 2018

75 Years of Army Burn Hall College Abbottabad Commemorative Postage Stamps (2)

9 June, 2018
Commemorative Postage Stamp and Souvenir Sheet

14 June, 2018
60th Anniversary of Urdu Dictionary Board Commemorative Postage Stamp 

09 June, 2018

18th Meeting Of The Council Of Heads Of State Of Shanghai Cooperation Organization Qingdao Summit, 2018     Commemorative Postage Stamp 


01 July, 2018
70 Years Of Excellence State Bnk of Pakistan (1948-2018) Commemorative Postage Stamp 

 13 July, 2018
Kashmir Martyr's Day (Atrocities in IOK)
Commemorative Postage Stamp

24July, 2018
100 Years Of Mama Parsi Girls' Secondary School Karachi ( 1918-2018)
Commemorative Postage  

24July, 2018                                                                      100 Years Of Mama Parsi   

                                     24 November, 2018 
                                      Jamsheed Marker , Ex-Ambassador Born:- November 24, 1922, Quetta
                                  Died:- June 21, 2018, Karachi-- Commemorative Postage Stamp

                                     27 November, 2018    
                                      On The 10th Edition of International Defence Exhibition and Seminar
                                   by  Defence Export Promotion Organization
Commemorative Postage      
                                                                 “UNITED AGAINST CORRUPTION FOR PROSPEROUS PAKISTAN”            
                                        COMMEMORATIVE POSTAGE STAMPS 

                                   DECEMBER 09, 2018..

Thursday, 28 December 2017

Postage Stamps issued in 2017

01 January, 2017,
International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development - 2017Commemorative Postage Stamp 

06 March, 2017
13th Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) Summit at Islamabad Commemorative Postage Stamp
March 01, 2017

29 June, 2017
Men of Letters Series MAJEED AMJAD (1914-1974)Commemorative Postage Stamp
June 29, 2017

06 July, 2017
Pakistan and Asian Development Bank 50 Years of Partnering for DevelopmentCommemorative Postage Stamp
July 06, 2017

14 October, 2017

Maulana Mufti Mahmood

( 1919- 1980)

Commemorative Postage Stamp

October 14, 2017

17 October, 2017
On the Occasion of 200th Birth Anniversary Sir Syed Ahmed Khan
Commemorative Postage Stamp & Souvenir Sheet
October 17, 2017

01 November, 2017
On 125th Anniversary of Government Islamia College Railway Road, Lahore
Commemorative Postage Stamp
November 01, 2017

02 November, 2017
The Champions ICC Champions Trophy 2017
Commemorative Postage Stamp & Souvenir Sheet
November 02, 2017

09 November, 2017
70Th Anniversary of Establisment of Diplomatic Relations Between Pakistan and Turkey Souvenir Sheet
Commemorative Postage Stamp November 09, 2017

01 December, 2017
On 75th Anniversary of No. 6 Air Transport Support Squadron Pakistan Air Force
Commemorative Postage Stamp
December 03, 2017

03 December, 2017
Dr. Ruth Katharina Martha Pfau (1929-2017)
Commemorative Postage Stamp
December 03, 2017

08 December, 2017
His Highness The Aga Khan 1957- Diamond Jubilee - 2017
Commemorative Postage Stamp
December 08, 2017

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Stamp donation/gifts

The Society is thankful to Mr. Shabtab Rizvi of DHA , Karachi for the valued gift of stamps for young collectors. 15/4/2016

The Society is thankful to R. Larry Miller & Margaret C. Miller for their valued gift of stamps from Ogden,Salt Lake City Utah, US , received today on 13th April,2016.
During Second and third quarter , the Society distributed 50 stamp Albums among young and desiring collectors.
The Society acknowledge receipt of donation of 250 stamps from R. Larry Miller of Ogden,Salt Lake City Utah, USA . ( 2nd time this year and overall 3 shipments of donations)
Thankyou Mr. Adil Majeed Mir of Karachi, Pakistan for sending 200 stamps to the Society. 15/11/2016

Stamps of Pakistan - 2016

10 Feb, 2016,

On Completion of 50 Years of Safe Operation of !st NUCLEAR RE-SEARCH REACTOR in PakistanCommemorative Postage Stamp
22 Mar, 2016,                                                                        New Stamp issued by Pakistan post on conservation of Water

                   New postage stamp on "National Book Day"  issued on 22 April , 201


6 April, 2016,
An Inportant Personalty In The History Of Pakistan DEWAN BAHADUR S.P. SINGHACommemorative Postage Stamp 

21 May, 2016,
To Mark The Establishment of 65th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations Between
Pakistan And ChinaCommemorative Postage Stamp 

4 August, 2016,
Philanthropist Abdul Sattar Edhi (1928-2016)

Commemorative Postage Stamp

06 September, 2016,


On Centenary of The DGTR House Building (Old Custom House) Karachi

Commemorative Postage Stamp

23 September, 2016,


                                 PLATINUM JUBILEE HABIB BANK LIMITED (1941 - 2016)                                           Commemorative Postage Stamp


50 Years of Establishment Diplomatic Relations Pakistan and Singapore Joint IssueCommemorative Postage Stamp

Rotary FoundationCommemorative

Postage Stamp 

20 November, 2016

Sesquicentennial Celebrations Lahore High Court


Postage Stamp 26 Nov. 2016

Voters Day
Commemorative Postage Stamp
7th Dec. 2016

Saturday, 30 January 2016

Issues of 2015


 Commemorative Postage
 November 04, 2015   Issued On Restoration of Murree GPO

December 16, 2015
Commemorative Postage stamp issued On The First Anniversary of The Gruesome Incident of The Army Public School, Peshawar

December 29, 2015
Murree GPO
Commemorative Postage

Friday, 18 September 2015

The Society is grateful to Mr. Larry Miller of Ogden, UT,
USA for contributing 150 stamps to be distributed among Children and new collectors. Due to budgetary constraints we are unable to send free albums to ex-Pakistan addresses. Further local demand is substantial enough. 

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Society for Promotion of Philately: Pakistan Postage Stamps --2015

04 May 2015
Commemorative Postage Stamp First 100 MW Solar Plant

The Pakistan Post issued a commemorative stamp on 07 Sep, 2015,
On The EVE Of Defence Day Golden Jubilee Celebrations

The Pakistan Post issued a commemorative stamp on 14 August, 2015

Society for Promotion of Philately: Pakistan Postage Stamps --2015: The Pakistan Post issued a commemorative stamp on " 100 years of URDU in Turkey - A new milestone" Oct.12 , 2015
 Golden Jubilee
celebrations of CADET COLLEGE KOHAT"
First round stamp of Pakistan issued on October,10, 2015.